Occupy Wall Street Poem

If you want to make a difference, do it so everyone wants to be a part of the movement.

Occupy Wall Street, from what I’ve heard and saw,
was a movement.

People were just there to be there and
go through the motions.

No real effort was made.

They camped out for days and months on end.

They didn’t get change, big corps were still big
corps. Go live in China. Check out the
99% poor there.

They should have screamed and demanded
change at the office of Pennsylvania Avenue In Washington, D.C


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5 goals I want to complete.

This week I have talked to a lot of different people. The theme of has been about life. I am the type of person who has a list of 5,10 and 100 things I want to do with my life.

1. I want to help make a difference for society. If i can make a diffence for 1 person or 10 people I can live with that. I want to leave the world in a better condition then I found it. I want to be able to say I help another person live their life to the fullest. I will hopefully go about this through photography. Other cultures interest me. The learning process is a power thing. I would love to shoot in Darfur or an African Refuge camp.

2. GET MY COLLEGE DEGREE. Hopefully it will be in English. It has taken longer then I expected. But I made a promise to my mom that I will get my college degree. So that is without a doubt going to happen.

3. Become a firefighter. I have wanted to do this sice i was a little kid. I know the job is dangerous. I respect the heck out of what these people do day in and day out.I watch videos of Camden and Detroit Fire Department going to work. I am still working on creating more F.D.N.Y images. A few firefighters tell me that that job is dangerous. They also tell me It is a rewarding feeling going up aganst a natural element that has so many suprises. I want to be a hero and rescue someone from a burning building. The career is rewarding. Thank you to all my firefighter friends.

4. Travel- I have lived in Brooklyn all my life. I am attending school in Buffalo,NY. I want to see what other cultures are like. I want to shoot in Mexico,China, Detroit, Camden,NJ, Oregon, Midwest of the United States. Haiti, Africa, Alaska, Brazil, Ireland, France and Spain. This man I met at a gallery show has traveled to 110 different places. My friend has traveled to 87 countries.

5 I want to be there for another person to rely on. I want to have faith in another person. I want someone to share my stories and adventures with. One day it will happen.

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Bingo by Lloyd Mitchell

Her Heart aches
Her Heart aches over bingo
One call as in b32 can change her life.
The house wants her to win so it can still take the burden of her heavy
The children want her to win. They want her to win so they can stay in this school
Now she waits for the number. Everything slows down dramatically .
The number is b 28 is called. A male screams bingo.
The house collaspes
The children wipe each other tears
Her heart for some reason doesn’t ache.
Shes says to herself.
I will regroup and come back for another day.
The children ask their mother what will we do now ?
She looked both of them in the eyes .
She said
“we will never quit.”

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Portrait Poem

Portrait of a protest by Lloyd Mitchell

A person in the world

can make a difference.

A few thoughts and actions

can unite the world.

One person taken away from the world

can effect so many.

A fear of five hundred lost

is the world’s

Civil Rights protest of Gaza and Palestine
in Times Square.

The melting pot of the world.

Photo taken on January 2, 2009.

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Reminder by Lloyd Mitchell.

Reminder by Lloyd Mitchell
This is a reminder to everyone. Remember my name. Reminder the purpose of life is to find your purpose. Reminder the true hero’s of the world are firefighters. They run into burning building while we run out of the burning buildings. 50 pounds of gear. Running countless flights of stairs. The countless search and rescues. Reminder anyone willing to take a risk is brave. Anyone willing to alter the outcome of a situation is a reminder that lifestyle and clothing isn’t everything. If you fall you, get up and try again. Reminder you can’t impress everyone. Trying to impress everyone is like getting the same type of wave to hit the same rocks 100 out of 100 times with the same results. It’s impossible. Reminder life is like a tone. That we are setting for ourselves. Life is about being able to change the gears at any time. Reminder everyone situation is different. Reminder everyone has moments that are frozen in time. In my eyes these are called photographs. Everyone has a defining moment. I have no clue as to what my defining will be. I do know I want to be the firefighter of my life. I want to perform my own search and rescues, while climbing the ladder of life. Looking for stable ground. Reminder remember me for something. Recall your own purpose. Remember the strain you put on yourself to get to this point in your life. Reminder remember the search and purpose for life.

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Government Slashing Art Funding

The art community and government have nothing to do with each o0ther.  Why is  the government attempting to slash the art community budget by one hundred sixty- seven million dollars? The government is extremely greedy. The government is attempting to make up for its lost wages, due to the war in Iraq. I love our soliders, but the government can’t use them as an excuse for cutting the art community budget. In public schools when budget cuts are being performed,  music and art are always the first to go. Why can’t the corrupt government be the first to go? They aren’t making any correct calls on how they run the country, yet they want to take away our musicals, our paint brushes and our photographers of the future.  This is the link from MSNBC broadcast. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036697//vp/42441573#42441573

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Web copies By Lloyd Mitchell

School board candidates are still on the campaign trail as of Tuesday night.  Campaigners met at Lenoir Retirement Community to address concerns of the school’s closing. If money wasn’t an issue, I would build all of the schools necessary. You can’t compare public and private schools. The simple fact of the matter is teachers must be able to unionize.

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